Momon Miracle Pageant

Mormon Miracle Pageant

2019 will be the last production of this historic pageant. (1967-2019 • 52 yrs)

June 13-15 & 18-22

Performances begin at 9:30pm. Admission is FREE

Camping at the Manti City Park is allowed only during the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Reservations are not taken it is on a first come first serve basis.

Manti City Park is located at 200 North 300 West.

Bathroom facilities are provided but there are no showers.

Set up your tents/trailers. A camp fee collector will visit you and collect your fees.


Pricing is as follows:

$7/night for every tent under 50 square feet.

$12/night for every tent over 50 square feet.

$12/night for 5th wheel trailers or trailers under 24 ft in length.

$15/night for 5th wheel trailers or trailers over 24 ft in length.

$7/for every 3 people if you are just under the stars.


Manti City Park is within walking distance of the temple grounds.



Manti City serves barbecue turkey dinners at the National Guard Armory,

95 West Union Street.

$9.00 a plate for adults

$6.00 for children

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm each night of the performance.

(all credit and debit cards accepted)


The Manti City Vendor Plaza is located at 45 West 200 North with a variety of food and craft booths.


For Questions:

For any questions regarding booths or dinners contact:

Manti City (435) 835-2401 or