Manti City Recreation Mission Statement

The mission of the Manti City Recreation Department is to provide recreational activities that meet the physical, social, and mental needs to our residents and visitors of our community. Our goal is to create life long memories, provide diverse opportunities, and ensure that everyone has .a fun and safe experience.

Sports Park Rental Application/Agreement

COVID -19:

We at Manti City Recreation would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we attempt to explore answers on how to run safe and successful programs during this pandemic. We believe forward progress won’t be instant, like “Flipping on a switch” however it will be more like gradually moving a dial. The safety of our participants is always our number one priority!!

Manti City Recreation is continuously looking at creative ways to meet the needs of our resident’s physical, mentally and socially while also abiding by the Health Departments Directives, and the complexity of COVID-19.

Vern Jensen | Manti City Recreation Director

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Don’t let the virus woes get your down. Take the The Jazz FIT Challenge.

The Jazz FIT Challenge is a 30-day program that promotes overall wellness. Participants track daily consumption of water, fruits and vegetables, and physical activity. Each day, participants will also choose one healthy habit to complete. The healthy habits cover the three pillars of wellness: nutrition, fitness and mental health. Small daily changes to your routine can add up quickly for a healthier and happier you. Download the adult or youth version of the tracker below and get started today! A great activity to do at home!!

Once you complete your CHALLENGE LOG place it in the DROP BOX and the MANTI CITY BUILDING or EMAIL it to  MANTI CITY RECREATION to claim your prize!